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Tribal Council Candidate Statement

Name: Fred R Harrington Jr.

Aanii, my name is Gitchikun (Fred Harrington Jr.). My mom and dad were Fred and Alice Harrington, grandparents were Jay and Louise Harrington. I am Migizii Dodem and an eight-year veteran of the US Navy Submarine Service. I am a full time professor of Information Technologies at North Central Michigan College where I teach computer networking. My wife Julie and I have one daughter, Paamse Migizii Kwe (Maria Sargent), her and husband Rob Sargent have one son, Begizo, my little partner. It was my greatest personal honor and privilege to serve you the last time I was on Council.

Among the reasons influencing my decision to run for Tribal Council again:

With the adoption of the new Constitution the primary purpose of the Council is legislation. I have written many laws in the past and I have a legislative agenda.


I build jiimaans and give rides, I make paddles and drums for our children, I help people make their pipes


Lawrence Technological University, Masters in Business Administration

Bay Mills Community College, Diploma Anishnaabemowin Instructor’s Institute

Michigan State University, Master of Arts Educational Technology and Instructional Design

Bay Mills Community College, Certificate of Management

Mich. State University, Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering

North Central Michigan College, Associate of Science

I’m a staunch advocate of Treaty hunting and fishing rights.

Chi-Migwetch for your support!!