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Tribal Council Candidate Statement

Name: Dollie Anne Keway

Aanii, Dollie Keway ndizhnikaaz, nimkii ndodem, Biidaasige ndoonjibaa. I am eldest daughter of Alvin “Vince” Keway and Leona (George) Honson, grandaughter of Sam and Viola (Masteau) Keway and Henry and Anna (Kewaygoshkum) George. I have raised one wonderful son, John Swoish. I ask for your vote to serve as Tribal Councilor.

I attended Holy Childhood through seventh grade as a day student, then graduated from Harbor Springs High School. I worked fifteen years on campus for Michigan State University (MSU) Extension in several administrative support roles before returning to Petoskey in 1999. At that time I began my most satisfying work as Adult Vocational Technical Instructor in the LTBB Education department; I taught a certificate program of Microsoft Office, business communications and general business (17 credits) through Bay Mills Community College. I received an Associate of Arts degree, with distinction, from North Central Michigan College (NCMC), and have completed nearly all requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at Lake Superior State University. I served on the Gaming Board of Directors as Victories Casino transitioned to Odawa Casino Resort from 2005-2010. Through the years I have studied music, psychology and Spanish at MSU, and continue my study of Anishinaabemowin at Bay Mills Community College.

Our constitution delegated authority to Tribal Council to make laws and appropriate funds. It also delegated authority to the Executive to administer funds, enforce the constitution and its laws, and implement policies and procedures enacted by Council. Additionally, our constitution states that no branch of the government shall exercise the power, duties or functions delegated to another branch. I fully support this. I do not believe Council should be involved in the day-to-day operations of any tribal enterprises.

As our citizens age, affordable and accessible housing becomes an even greater need. Since there have not been many families building and moving to tribal housing north of Harbor Springs, why not use some of those lots to build additional housing for elders? The need will only become greater as time goes on. Building one duplex per year should be attainable without having to secure a loan.

We are still a young government with growing pains. We need to continually review and assess current laws. What needs to be changed to enable enforcers of our laws to do their job more completely? What language hinders or lessens their ability to protect and serve tribal citizens? I will encourage open and honest dialogue with tribal entities to strengthen our laws to better serve our citizens.

I look forward to working with Executive to build relationships with local, state, and federal levels of government that will benefit the tribe. One example is the boundary lawsuit. If we foster relations with local officials in county, township, and city governments, including businesses, we could establish and maintain communication channels that deepen understanding of this issue. Then perhaps misunderstandings could be resolved or lawsuits against the tribe could be avoided.

We always need to continue to strengthen language revitalization efforts and maintain our cultural identity. Every elder we lose is one more piece of our language, our history, our uniqueness, that is gone forever.

As Tribal Councilor, I will work hard to promote our communal best interests in a cooperative and respectful manner. Please help me do that with your YES vote!

If you would like to contact me, email me at with “Tribal Council” on the subject line, or message me on facebook.

Gchi miigwech!

Dollie Keway